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What follows are real product reviews from people who purchased and used Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Cream.
I don't have the genes that go along with cellulite but my neighbor who does in a bad way and we both bought this and are both satisfied. For me, it just makes my legs so smooth and almost the feeling of being bump free and my neighbor who is otherwise gorgeous now has some amazing legs. It really has smoothed out her cellulite and at this price why not get it?
I absolutely love this lotion. I usually am the person who doesn't believe a cream can work on cellulite, but it definitely works. I noticed results within a week, and plan on using it as long as it's short season. I am so thrilled at how much more firm my legs look.
This product left my skin soft and smooth, but i did not notice a reduction in cellulite or the "dimples" on my legs and bottom. The produce is a great moisturizer, but there are other lotions on the market that will give you the same results for less money.
I use primarily for the firming, and it has worked wonders for my skin, I use it along with a cream from avon but think most of the results ive seen are from the nivea cream. I have lost a 100 pounds and this has totally helped firm up my skin, reduced stretch marks from 15 years ago. Truly a miracle for me. I use it twice a day, my thighs have firmed up to the point I'm wearing short shorts, granted I exercise every night but I know this cream has helped. and my skin is so soft. I just wish I had before and after pictures, I'd help Nivea sell this stuff. I love it! Better than creams costing eight times more.
After seeing the show on Tyra Banks, I ran out and bought one at CVS. I used up a whole tube already and still, nada
I use lots of Nivea products and they have never failed me to this day. In order to reduce cellulite you have to use both, the gel and the patches, and follow directions. It will reduce your cellulite and firm your skin. I've tried expensive name brand cremes and they usually make my skin break out, or my skin becomes really dry. Nivea provides great moisterizing without interfering with your natural skin oil. I didn't have that much cellulite but it was good bye cellulite for me after I used these products for a month
Note: There does not seem to be any cellulite reduction product that had 100% positive reviews. All have reviewers who report no noticable results. Cellulite creams seem to be a bit like cough suppressants, where what works for me, may not work for you.

One reviewer took an interesting approach. She applied cellulite cream to one thigh and not the other and created her very own before and after cellulite pictures!
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