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It is hard to tell truth from fiction about cellulite and cellulite treatments. Some of this misinformation has led desperate women to try to get rid of cellulite in ineffective ways. It's important to learn the truth about cellulite before investing time, energy and money trying to reduce it.

Cellulite Myth 1: Sodas cause cellulite. The theory was that either the sodium or the bubbles in sodas caused fat cells to swell thus producing cellulite.

Fact on Cellulite: Sodas do contain sodium, but they are not the only food or drink to do so. Sodium affects your body's fluid levels. Jose Antonio, Ph.D., author of Supplements for Strength and Power Athletes, comments "The more sodium you consume in your diet, the more water you retain." Water retention does make cellulite worse. To avoid sodium Antonio offers the following advice, "Almost all processed foods, like canned soups and frozen entrees, even frozen pizzas, are high in sodium. Reduce sodium substantially by eating more fresh foods, like fresh meats and vegetables and unprocessed grains. They're much healthier anyway."

Cellulite Myth 2: Cellulite is Limited to People Over 30

Fact on Cellulite: Cellulite is more apparent in older people because skin thins as we age. The bands of connective tissues that run through fat also become less flexible, leading to greater dimpling. However cellulite can strike at any age, just as acne is more common in teenagers, but can also occur at any age.

Cellulite Myth 3: If you are thin, you won't have cellulite
Fact on Cellulite: Perhaps one of the most common myths is that only fat people get cellulite. This can lead women who see cellulite on their butt in the mirror to feel it means they are overweight and must diet more. Many women who are in great shape still have cellulite, because cellulite is simply a particular kind of fat and even healthy people have some percent of body fat.

These are three common myths about cellulite and the actual facts. Other articles on this site will provide more information about cellulite, cellulite treatments, the best exercises on cellulite, etc.

Good luck with your efforts to get a body you are happy with, regardless of whether that is completely cellulite-free or not!